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Welcome to Angelic Astrology - I'm Jan Carter Seymour!

I've been a Professional Astrologer for 29 years - that's a whole Saturn Cycle! My first exposure to the Stellar Arts was through a boyfriend in Boulder, CO when I was in my mid-twenties. He said he'd had a Reading that was uncannily accurate. Hearing him say that - made it all a possibility!  

Years later, I moved to Chicago and my boyfriend, Photographer - (now husband) bought me a simple Astrology Program that could quickly calculate Birth Charts - he later regretted it, because I began doing charts for all of his clients and everyone that walked in the door! I was hooked! Reading Astrology Books, Doing Charts, Reading Biographies, Doing more Charts, Going to Classes, going to Astrology Conferences and Meetings. 

One of my first teachers was Barbara Schermer who developed and used AstroDrama to teach and convey the chart's meaning. I wrote a poem for her called "Pluto's Message"  see Poem included in Blog post: that she shared in a performance at the United Astrologer's Conference (UAC) in Washington, DC in 1992. Other very influential teachers were Dr. Zip Dobyns and her daughter Maritha Pottenger. I attended one of their 10 day Astrology Intensives at the Feathered Pipe Ranch in Helena, MT. I had my own Tee Pee. Zip was a pioneer in using the Asteroid Goddesses - Ceres was the first one discovered in 1801. (Zip has a Sun/Ceres conjunction in her birth chart.) 

In the late 90's I lived on Maui, HI for a couple of years and then lived in Florida working with my partner Keth Luke doing healing work and Astrology. We traveled to Sacred Sites in Egypt, Peru and Europe. I started collecting Crystal Bowls and doing Sound Healing, too. For two years I was President of the Astrology Association of St. Petersburg in Florida - hosting wonderful speakers from all over the world. 

In the mid-2000's I moved back to Louisville, KY and ended up working as a Medical Technologist for 8 more years after a 22 year break from working in that field. I was still a member and active with the local group - The Astrology Society of Kentucky. Over the years, I've been on Talk Radio, Television, published many articles, and lectured and taught classes on Astrology. 

I'm now living in Crystal Lake, IL and back as a full time Astrology Practitioner and would love to hear your story and share my insights to help you through Life's Transitions, Find Your Stellar Self and be the Best that You Can Be.

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"We are Fragments of a Great Circle, Evolving in a Great Spiral...What role are you Playing in the Drama."

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